A "Stanley" knife is very good for heavy cutting. Please take your time, we have several students each year who slice fingers by trying to work too quickly.


A scalpel is good for fine cuts, curves and window detail, should this be required.

Cutting Mat

Used to protect the table top whilst cutting. An A2 size is ideal but an A4 mat is portable and still very useful.

Safety Rule

A good investment, we get through a lot of finger plasters when students or staff are cutting card.

Try Square

This speeds up the cutting at 90o, choose a square with a thick blade to reduce the chances of the knife blade jumping the edge.

Miter Block

This speeds up the cutting of joints at an angle.

Ideal for balsa models.

Razor Saw

A very fine saw just for model making, can be used with the miter block.

Fret Saw

A Fret Saw is useful when making complex models from ply or MDF.

Scale Rule

A scale rule saves a lot of calculation.

Sometimes making your own custom rule can reduce errors during model making.

Standard dimensions that are used frequently can be marked.