Renewable Energy

Alternative sources need to be developed without causing economic suicide.

The UK government has re-thought it's plans to use 20% Biofuel by 2020 and have capped it's use at 5%. After the poor summer and harvest of 2012 they realised their mistake. Growing competition from fuel crops will only increase food costs. Half of the USA's Corn already goes on fuel production.

Biofuels in the UK account for just under 5% of the fuel market so the cap won't have an immediate effect but will curtail plans for expansion. The UK Biofuel sector will now need to concentrate more on using organic waste and 2nd generation Biofuels. Whilst the government should encourage efficiency in all sectors.

Airborne Turbine

Other renewables

Geothermal, Hydro, Solar, Tidal, Wind.

Including high level wind turbines (left) presently under development.

Fusion reactors, running on Hydrogen, may one day solve our energy needs, but have been dreamt about for over 70 years.