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Assistant Surveyor
Pirelli Construction Co. Ltd. Eastleigh.

Brief Job Description
Helped with a topographic survey of the cable route from Cow Lane, Cosham to
Portsmouth as part of the removal of the Portsmouth Power Station. Used maps,
bench marks, theodolite and staff.

Cable Installation
Murphys Engineering Contractors. Portsmouth.

Brief Job Description
Involved in the laying of the 40,000V oil filled cable from Cosham to Portsmouth
to replace Portsmouth Power Station. Learning laying techniques, ground
sampling, improved decision making and introduced some time saving

Assistant Scientific Officer
Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory.
Admiralty Research Establishment, Haslar, Gosport.

Brief Job Description
Design, installation and diagnosis of analogue and digital electronic circuits for the control, and analysis of ship model tests. These designs were then produced in volume when privatisation took place. Training in digital electronics and the research techniques employed in model ship testing. Research into the use of lasers and Microwaves.

Laboratory Technician
School Design Research Group, School of Architecture, Portsmouth Polytechnic.

Brief Job Description
Responsible for the design modification and manufacture of multiplexed computer data logging equipment. Designed and produced computer-based training packages, teaching students in the use of these computer software packages and the underlying calculations and assumptions made, for: U-value, thermal gain and heat loss calculation, internal lighting, air conditioning design and natural ventilation analysis, reverberation times and materials to achieve the required attenuation. Frame analysis using pressure sensitive plastic and strain gauges.

Computer Technician
Programmer to the Design Information Research Unit (DIRT) and the Building
Use and Safety Research Unit (BUSRU), School of Architecture, Portsmouth

Brief Job Description
Development of interactive simulation software and interface hardware for a range of computer-managed multi-media learning packages. Escape from burning buildings: that was used at the " Ideal Home Exhibition" and schools by " London Fire Brigade" . Teaching students, in the use of computer software packages, including CAD systems. Training of various laboratory technicians, and the supervision of the audio-visual technician in the repair of equipment.

Research Computer Programmer
School of Architecture, Portsmouth Polytechnic.

Brief Job Description
A project was successfully completed using a Transputer Development System, which allowed parallel operation of a user model, videodisc control and the intelligent selection of information from a data base. I then wrote the research report for the Science and Research Council, that led to further funding. Computer support and technical assistance was also provided to the school, and associated research teams. With continued supervision of the laboratory and audio-visual technicians.

Analyst Programmer
School of Architecture, Portsmouth Polytechnic.

Brief Job Description
Development of ICCARUS, a project involving artificial intelligence, interactive video, digital audio and parallel processing. It dealt with the command and control of major fire incidents, and involved intensive knowledge acquisition including weeks spent at the fire fighting college, system specification, design, progress meetings, coding, testing, report and paper writing, dissemination at national and international conferences.

English Teacher
Metropolitan School of English, Burgos, Spain.

Brief Job Description
Teaching English as a foreign language to proficiency classes, including technical English and computing, presentation techniques, telephone behaviour and letter writing. Software and hardware documentation for the ICCARUS project, consultancy and support.

Vilviestre del Pinar, Burgos, Spain.

Brief Job Description
Running a small business: Design of wooden toys and furniture and jig manufacture for their production. Ladder logic programming and installation of computer controlled packaging machinery, and design, construction and maintenance of automated environmental systems. Employment of casual staff and contractors.

Robotics Engineering
Motivated Concepts Ltd. Horndean.

Brief Job Description
Design and development of pneumatic, electronic and ladder logic computer systems for the control of complex packaging equipment used by many of the large supermarket chains.

Research Assistant
School of Architecture, University of Portsmouth.

Brief Job Description
Research into insolation, design and development of questionnaires and a specialised CAD package in Prolog, with the aim of producing an intelligent concurrent design assistant, as part of an Mphil. supervised by Dr. Roger Day. The software was left in a state enabling the generation of a computer model to calculate the penetration of sunshine into any building on the modelled site, hours of probable sunshine per year, shadows in the gardens and perspective views of the site.

Research Technician
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Portsmouth,
Anglesea Building, Anglesea Road, Portsmouth. P01 3DJ

Brief Job Description
Cross-platform (Macintosh/Windows): programming support, generation of hypertext handbooks in FrameMaker, and presentations in PowerPoint.
User support for a range of software packages including Eudora, Netscape, ProCite, Word, Excel, MacDraw and familiarisation with a further range of multimedia related software. Preparation of electronic study pack for unit E315 Systems Engineering.

Analyst Programmer
Information Services Organization, Faculty of the Environment,
University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth. PO1 3AH

Brief Job Description
Planning the purchase of hardware and software in the School of Art, Design and Media whilst keeping within budget, and providing the necessary resources for teaching throughout the school. Responsible for the maintenance of all the Macintosh computers within the University, whilst facilitating their use in specialist areas of research.
User support for a wide range of software, hardware (mainly Macintosh) and networking.
Packages supported include Director, Photoshop, Quark, SoundEdit, ArchiCAD, Premier, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office, Netscape, Foxpro (to produce a database for the loans store that is still being used seventeen years later), Dreamweaver, Pagemaker, Freehand, Illustrator, Vector Works, InDesign, Flash, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD.
Expertise in large format printing and responsible for the web based Information Services Mac documentation and help sheets for students. Long term training of new staff.

Principal Technician
School of Architecture, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries,
University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth. PO1 3AH

Brief Job Description
Facilitating teaching throughout the school with responsibility for AV and, the physical and IT infrastructure, whilst running the architecture model making workshop and being responsible for Health and Safety; supervising technical staff and helping students with model making and photography.
Preparation of CAD files for a CNC milling machine, which involved student instruction in the use of CAD and IT. Design and construction of structures, electronics and computer systems for research activities in the school.
Responsible for the inventory, ordering of materials and sourcing of equipment.
Supervising and offering technical advice during the preparation of the end of year shows. Developing suitable information courses in the virtual learning environment.
Driving the minibus and vans as required by the department.

Faculty Support Advisor
Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries,
University of Portsmouth.

Brief Job Description
Teaching students (and occasionally staff) throughout the faculty, and sometimes the University: Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SketchUp, Artlantis, ArtCAM and Ethos.

Best practice, techniques and use of all packages to produce drawings, posters, animations, laser cut or 3D printed models.

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