Systemigrams as envisaged by Dr. John Boardman, GEC Marconi Professor 1990, help to explain the interrelationships between different parts of a complex system and can be of use in similar areas to those that make use of causal loop diagrams and soft systems methodology.
My involvement included the preparation of an electronic study pack for Electrical Engineering students, a hypertext handbook in Framemaker and PowerPoint presentations for spreading knowledge of this new graphical notation for capturing strategic intent in extended enterprises.


This involved working closely with Dr. John Boardman in the elicitation of concrete facts and ideas, relating to the research, design and use of Systemigrams. I carried out this task by attending his Systems Engineering lectures followed by one-to-one meetings and reading of any written documentation, converting his ideas into a program to help draw Systemigrams, and a hypertext handbook. The use of Framemaker allows the parallel editing of documentation destined for multiple media and with various levels of information, without the need to maintain individual documents. Information can be exported as Rich Text Format for use in Word, PDFs with cross references and HTML or XML web pages with links.